Everyone, Including South Africans, Is Following This Election!

On the precipice of tonight’s debate I thought I’d share just how broad the exposure of our politics are. Even South Africans are up on the U.S. Election, giving the latest on the evening news, talking about Trump’s latest exploits on the radio call in shows, and even inspiring the special burger selections at the local … More Everyone, Including South Africans, Is Following This Election!

Jacarandas Galore

I’ve been in Pretoria for about a week now and what a week it’s been – figuring out the Guatrain (light rail), meetings with USAID and our other NGO partners (including the one that is lending me office space until I can get an office set up), meeting new colleagues, changing guest houses, renting a … More Jacarandas Galore

I’ve Arrived!

I’m in an airport lounge and have been going pretty much non-stop since getting here, but I wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know I’m here and having a great time so far. By far the best thing has been reuniting with the Baylor team here – my old/new boss, the very … More I’ve Arrived!

Jon’s Off!

This morning, a very tired and suitcase-laden Jon was dropped off at the airport at 4:00 am. He had a four-hour layover in DC and then boarded his flight to Addis Ababa. (Hopefully my canceled ticket resulted in him having an open seat next to him!) He’ll land in Ethiopia around midnight our time and … More Jon’s Off!