Daaannnnggg… I’ve been robbed!

Just kidding. But my place is crazy empty. As in, I’m using a chair as a table.

I’m eating cereal on a plate because I no longer have bowls. Oops.

TROSA, an awesome organization, came to get the rest of our lives on Tuesday. I’ve been spending the last week going through what needed to go into storage for two to three years (eek!) and what wouldn’t last/make sense to store for that long. So the piles became: store, donate, give to friends, trash & take to RSA. Phew. (Thinking about if you’ll want Tazo Green Ginger tea in the future is tricky. And, the answer is: yes. In case you were wondering.)

I labeled everything to show if it was staying (read: I need it for the next three weeks) or going. About four hours into the six hour process (!!!), I realized that one of the desks that they’d wrapped up needed to stay, so that was fun to tell them that. Every little thing was wrapped in a blanket. Even a dumbbell, which blew my mind. (Safety first, you know – can’t swing those 25s without protection.) The team arrived at 8:00 am and worked while I felt super awkward about sitting there and not helping. (And trying to stay out of their way but wanting to check in on everything every so often. Hmm…) It was also extra fun that my toilet wasn’t working all week. (Thanks, Jeremy and Alexa, for the clutch bathroom use!!) I plied them with sodas because I’m so wonderful and generous (ahem, and needed to empty my fridge) and they left with all of our stuff. So, now I can take inventory of what’s left in our place on two hands: couches, rug, table, TV, mattress, chairs and two desks. Eek.

Now, I’m currently figuring out ways to be creative with what I have left. Who would’ve thought that not having a place to hang your face mask could be challenging?? Or having a lamp on the floor could result in near-burns and a few tumbles? I need to start working on my forward rolls. The cats seem bewildered and unsure of where all of their toys and luxuries are. (Oh, you guys just wait. You’re about to move to AFRICA.)

Next, I need to sell a bunch of stuff – come buy my stuff! – and finish with the repairs that need to be done before I move out and we get tenants. So, if you have a love for painting… Hit me up. Meanwhile, we’ll be trying to savor these last few weeks at home with friends and family. (See Scout, below. She’s taking this really hard.)

– By Naama

Life is gooooooooood!

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