Jon’s Off!

jons-bagsThis morning, a very tired and suitcase-laden Jon was dropped off at the airport at 4:00 am. He had a four-hour layover in DC and then boarded his flight to Addis Ababa. (Hopefully my canceled ticket resulted in him having an open seat next to him!) He’ll land in Ethiopia around midnight our time and will then land in Malawi around 6:45 am our time, tomorrow. He said that Baylor will be picking him up and will provide him with a car to use this week, while he’s there. Needless to say, I already miss him but my to-do list is so long that I’ve spent a good bit of my day figuring out when I can do what with the time I have left and started tackling the craziness.

Josh, Ashley & Charley on our fun day with them!

We also got to spend the weekend with lots of folks we love. Jon’s family – his brother, our sister-in-law, our niece and his parents – came to visit on Friday and Saturday. Also, my brother, his wife and their kids came on Wednesday to spend the weekend with us. Finally, our good friends, Debbie, Jeremy, Tara & Stephen came into town. We had a nice send-off for Jon with some friends and family and most importantly, we had a cookie cake (in Duke colors), provided by the wonderful Zielazinskis. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of Jon’s folks or our friends that came in but we’ll hold an image of them in our hearts. Aww……) We even managed to sneak in a birthday party for my nephew, who is turning 1 on Wednesday (and celebrated baby Benjamin Z)! Phew!

The next few weeks are going to be ridiculous for me but they’ll be filled with lots of fun hangouts with friends, trips to see family and DVR catch-up. *FINGERS CROSSED* Eventually, Jon will have time to blog, too, and you won’t have to only read my shenanigans. (Although, admit it – you’re enjoying it, right??)

Bon voyage, Jon! See you on November 9!

– By Naama

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