Bill & Dale – Champs for 50 Years! (Guest Blogger!)

Hi, I’m Ashley Crisp (sister-in-law of Naama and Jon). I live near Pinehurst, NC with Josh (Jon’s brother) and our kiddos – Charley who is 4 and William who is 15 months. A few towns away live Bill and Dale (Jon’s parents). Last month we had the treat of visiting with Aunt Naama for a few days here in sunny North Carolina. Naama came to us on a Wednesday and we got to have several fun-filled days together. It was great to go out to eat, visit our neighborhood pool, get ice cream, read books, and play a few board games. Naama also had the great pleasure of having a “shadow” follow her around constantly for 3 days. 🙂 Charley asked Aunt Naama to brush her hair, brush her teeth, give her a bath, taker her to the potty, and just generally stay at her side all weekend. My sidekick had found a new best buddy for a few days and that was special to watch. Charley has always enjoyed being with her Aunt Naama, even as a wee little baby, and clearly still does as a usually independent 4-year-old. We are so happy for these special little times together while they are living abroad. William enjoyed the visit too and even though he didn’t verbally express it much, his smiles said it all!

On Friday night, we went to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bill and Dale at The National, a country club in Pinehurst. The venue was quite lovely with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the golf course and lake. We got to see Mandy, Bobby, Greg and Steve (our other siblings and their children). Many of the church congregation was in attendance and Michaela (Naama’s mom) was there to celebrate with us, too! We definitely missed Jon and were super sad that he couldn’t be with us (but we understood, of course). At the shindig we heard some heartfelt and amusing speeches (planned and unplanned). We heard stories told by the bride and groom, reminiscing on their lives together as husband and wife, about raising their children, and over the years spending time with their grandchildren. It was a splendid evening filled with tremendous food, drinks, and dancing. A true celebration of the love and perseverance between Bill and Dale!

On Saturday we went to see Paw Patrol at the Durham Performing Arts Center. Charley’s first theatre experience was a big success! We had an awesome time and a fabulous cheeseburger and milkshake after.  

Paw Patrol 2_smaller
Sweet Charley at Paw Patrol, with Skye!

A few weeks later it was time to say bye to Aunt Naama until December when they come home for Christmas. We had a nice lunch (albeit kind-of loud on a Saturday) at the Cracker Barrel near the RDU airport. Whew, what a busy place! It was fun to see each other one last time until winter is here. WE love you Aunt Naama and missed you Uncle Jon!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few months!

– By Ashley

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