Our Trip to the U.S. – Phew, What a Ride! (Guest Bloggers!)

Man, we’ve been wanting to write this for a few days now but we were waiting for our grandma to finish her post*. (Ahem…) 🙂 We flew back to the U.S. two weeks ago and, let’s just say, it was quite an experience. Our mom was being a bit of a triscuit and had already left South Africa so we had to rely on our dad getting us ready. Pretty safe to assume that wasn’t the best idea… But, he surprised us all and we actually got set up ok! The shipping company man came to get us from our place and we had no idea what was coming. We just got into our torture boxes, were taken in some random van and had to ride along for longer than seemed normal. We tried to comfort each other because we didn’t know any of the other jokers around us and felt like we should stick together…

After a little while, it felt like we were getting on that really loud tube machine thingy again and we asked each other, “Surely we’re not flying somewhere?! We just got here!” But, it took a long time and we knew we were headed somewhere. (We hoped for Amsterdam again but no dice, much to our chagrin!) 😦 Next thing we knew, we were landing! Yahoo, it wasn’t as long as last time! Oh, wait. What’s that ya say?? WE’RE IN SENEGAL?? What the…?? It turned out that we were there to refuel… But once the dumb humans finally realized that there was an air traffic control strike happening – we could tell instantly – we had to take off again and fly to another airport in Dakar to refuel. Oh, wait. What’s that ya say?? This airport is too small to refuel? OFF TO GHANA WE GO, HUH? MIGHT AS WELL! [eye roll] So, we flew to Accra, as one does, and refueled. After a 10 hour delay on the runway there, we finally headed out to D.C.

FINALLY! WE’RE IN THE U.S.! (USA! USA!) Oh, wait. What’s that ya say?? We have to wait in our torture boxes for some unknown reason?? SUPER. Finally, after what felt like hours (and us trying really hard to not hurl in our blankets – we’d managed to hold off this far!), some strange woman came and carried us into a really loud room where our mom ran to us and started crying right away. Jeez, what’s her problem?? (We heard her and dad talk in the car about all of the shenanigans that had gone on while they waited on us in the cargo office at Dulles for THREE HOURS. They apparently got lots of misinformation, got super frustrated and wondered if we would ever make it to them. They even talked about how mom dropped the f-bomb a few times… Yeesh.)

After they dropped the bombshell of all of us needing to then DRIVE TO NC [eye roll x2], we settled in and tried to explore the car as much as we could because we had no idea how long we’d have in there. (These folks keep toying with us; who knows what’s next??) We *finally* made it to our grandma’s house, where we were told we’d live for the next year, as our parents thought it would be the best thing for us as they have travel a bunch next year. (More on that to come!) We don’t see why they can’t just carry us around to each place they travel to but after this latest disaster adventure, we think they might actually be right. See you later this year**, mom & dad!

– By Jack & Scout

*Tata (i.e., Michaela) in South Africa (Guest Blogger!!)

**Please send all of the tissues you have to our grandma’s house. Mom is going to need them when she heads back to South Africa…

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