Our (Eventual) Move to Malawi – It’s Been Interesting Already!

So! Just to recap, we were supposed to be coming back from our trip to the U.S. and then move to Malawi straight away… Right? Well, slight curveball: some of our plans were predicated on us keeping our SA apartment for future travel (albeit open to any visiting staff from Malawi) and that ended up … More Our (Eventual) Move to Malawi – It’s Been Interesting Already!

Malawi, Take 2!

Phew! We made a second trip to Malawi and it was… eventful. The trip started with Jon needing to break the telescoping handle of my suitcase at the airport because it wouldn’t go down. More importantly, we got to go to a lovely wedding of one of Jon’s colleagues, Katie, and her awesome Malawian husband, Adam. … More Malawi, Take 2!

6 Months In!

I’ve been in South Africa for six months today and it’s pretty wild. So much has happened already and yet time seems to stand still sometimes, too. We’ve gotten to travel a lot, have been to multiple countries and have met some really interesting people. Looking forward to the next six months and what they … More 6 Months In!