Our Last Trip to Cape Town :(

Jon and I took advantage of having a weekend in South Africa to sneak away to Cape Town for a few days. The last few times we went to CT were with family (remember this, this and this?), which were super fun trips, but we thought we’d tackle some of the things on our list that we hadn’t gotten to do yet. It was a beautiful weekend and I’m so glad we got to go!

We kicked it off with checking in to our AirBnB in Green Point, one of our favorite neighborhoods, and met up with our awesome host. We were staying in an apartment within a hotel and it was super comfy and convenient. We wanted to try a new place for dinner so we looked up restaurants in the neighborhood and chose El Burro, an awesome Mexican restaurant. (We’ve only had Mexican food once or twice in SA so we were super pumped to have it again!) The food was great, the palomas were tasty and we got to enjoy a beautiful night from their patio. Good start, CT! Good start!

Jon had to work some over the weekend but we made sure to tick Lion’s Head Mountain off of our list the next morning, before it got too hot. Lion’s Head is stunning, situated between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. You drive up part of the way and then hike up the rest, in a corkscrew, to the peak. So, we got 360º views of Cape Town as we hiked, which was amazing. It can get pretty crowded on this mountain, I’m told, but we didn’t have too many people around us and could go at our own pace. (Especially when it came to the ladders and hooks that we had to traverse.) Once we got to the top, we took some incredible photos, relaxed, and enjoyed the views before heading back down. What an awesome hike.

We had a quick lunch, Jon worked, and I read. He basically finished in time to head out to our dinner reservation at The Pot Luck Club. It’s one of our favorite places, partially because it’s location is cool, and partially because the food is awesome. The menu is always changing and we got a nice combination of flavors, textures and sensations. YUM. (We forgot to take photos of the food, somehow. Maybe because we were super hungry and just gobbled stuff up once it was put down on the table…)

The next morning, we woke up early and headed out for our… WINE DAY*! (Like going on safari, doing wine tastings might be one of my favorite things to do…) We’d already been to the well-known places, Franschhoek, Paarl & Stellenbosch, so we thought we’d try Constantia. It’s a suburb of Cape Town and an area we’d never explored, so we were ready to do it right. We had breakfast at Groot Constantia, one of the most famous and prestigious wineries in the area (it opened in 1685), and had a great view while we ate our eggs. We did a tour of their wine cellar and learned of their production processes, which was super interesting, and had our first tasting of the day. We decided to head to Klein Constantia next, which was a smaller winery that split off from Groot Constantia 200+ years ago. They had a gorgeous tasting room and we enjoyed tasting #2. Yum. We took a break for lunch at the super tasty Foxcroft. We enjoyed some caffeine to take a ‘wine pause’ and rested a bit. But, we had more wine to try, so we headed off to Constantia Glen, which was PACKED. It had an incredible view and, thus, all of the outside tables were taken, but we got a seat inside. It was lovely. Then, we went to our final destination, Beau Constantia, for a shared glass of wine and the WiFi. (Jon had to work so it was nicer to do it in a pretty setting.) We’d also read about the ‘Loo with a View,’ supposedly ranked the 8th-best bathroom in the world. (I have no idea who does this ranking, but they weren’t kidding. Wow.) Jon finished his work, we drove around for a bit and then went to our final stop – the pièce de résistance: La Colombe.

Jon and I had been waiting for this restaurant for a while and it did not disappoint. It was at the Silvermist Vineyard, a beautiful property on a hill, and every step of the evening was impeccable. We were greeted and told that they had a little treat to start off the evening – I love any and all extra courses! – a little blob thing. I can’t think of how else to describe it. They said to put it in our mouths without chewing it, first, because it had different gels, liquids, etc. inside. Exciting start. Then, we sat down, got a round of cocktails and selected our menu. (It was either the already-big menu or the extra-big menu. We opted for the former.) I could describe every dish and it would take a month but I’ll just say, everything was incredibly detailed, exact and purposeful. It was a fantastic meal. (Plus, as you can see in the pictures, the bonus dessert, the group of petit fours, included marshmallows, cotton candy & macaroons. I mean, did they know I was coming or what??)

Our last morning, we tried to make the most of our remaining hours, so we got up early, checked out of our place and went to get breakfast. (Now, the place I picked was an ice cream place I’d liked last trip to CT and wanted it again, but it’s fine. It had a banana on it.) We then drove to the waterfront and went to the Silo District. We’d read about the (relatively) new Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa), built in the old grain silo, a building that housed grain and was constructed in 1921. It was the industrial hub of Cape Town and they’ve really transformed the building into a breathtaking museum. We joined a free tour, given by one of the museum’s curators, and it was awesome. (We also learned about the Silo Hotel, which sits on top of the museum. It just runs a mere $1,300 per night. Minimum. So, we booked the Penthouse, obviously!) We took a quick walk to the main part of the waterfront after, to say good-bye, and drove to lunch. (I know, it feels like all we did was eat. I get it!) We booked a spot at a restaurant in the Bo Kaap which is thought to have some of the best views in Cape Town. They’d actually forgotten that we’d made a reservation and had a massive tour group coming. Luckily, though, the group was late and they gave us a table. (We even got a patio spot!) They made amazing Cape Malay food, the traditional cuisine of the Bo Kaap, and it was SUPER tasty. (Think a mix of Indian, Malaysian, and lots of other things. Yum.) We headed out to the airport and flew back to Joburg. What a great trip. We love you, Cape Town!

– By Naama

* = Disclaimer: Jon and I didn’t drink a lot, don’t worry. We were responsible and didn’t drink all of the samples in the tastings, we shared tastings, etc.

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