My* Trip to South Africa (Guest Blogger!)

Hi readers,

This is Naomi (Doda Naama’s niece) writing a guest post about my and my family’s trip to South Africa. When we went to South Africa, it was Chinese New Year in Shanghai, where I live. In Johannesburg, we were playing together and we went to a pool that had a slide. We went on safari. We saw an elephant, giraffe, crocodile, lion, rhino, kudu, zebra, hippo and baboon. We went to the playground together, and we went to the pool together. It was fun. 🙂 We played the telephone game on the airplane to Cape Town.

In Cape Town, we had a house with stairs! I loved that part. We were in a car that can fit in six people and that was so cool! In Cape Town, we went on a ferris wheel, on a train, and we went to the aquarium too. We threw money in people’s money basket that were singing. It was beautiful. We went to see penguins and we went to see the sea, and I put my feet in the sea.

We went to wine tastings and popcorn tastings in wine country, which is close to Cape Town. So fun!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! (Sorry for all of the pictures – Doda Namps went a little wild…)

– By Naomi

*Editor’s note: Niece extraordinaire**

**Seriously, my brother said that she either wrote or dictated this whole thing to him. (#juniorgenius)

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