One Year In – What a Year It’s Been!

Phew! I can’t believe we’ve been in Africa for a year! I feel like so much has happened since we arrived… Honestly, it just feels like yesterday that I was getting on the plane to come here and wrote about my upcoming journey. And since then, we’ve put a home together, made friends, found awesome places to eat, went to amazing places, hosted friends and family and spent *a lot* of time together. (Luckily, we like each other and it has gone well.) It hasn’t always been easy and we’ve had some tricky times (did I mention I had to have surgery to remove a toenail?!) but, overall, it’s been a great year! Here are some of the interesting things we’ve seen/done this year:

– By Naama

p.s. Please feel free to read our* other posts from this year – we’ve got everything from ‘firsts’ (safari, trip to Nando’s, etc.) to guest blog posts written by visitors. Hope you enjoy following along as much as we enjoy capturing everything!

*I know that I’ve written most of the posts but it’s mainly because Jon is lazy…

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