My* Trip to South Africa (Guest Blogger!)

Hi readers, this is Daniel* (Naama & Jon’s nephew extraordinaire), writing another guest blog, this time about my family’s trip to South Africa.

Week One – Pretoria and Joburg

During the first week of the trip we stayed at Naama & Jon’s apartment in Pretoria and went to many attractions such as Soweto (Nelson Mandela’s home), the Apartheid Museum, the Ann van Dyke Cheetah Centre – where we fulfilled Jon’s dream of seeing wild dogs – and many others. Overall, I really liked Pretoria and learned a lot about the history and culture of the city.

Week Two – Pilanesburg

After Pretoria, we traveled to Pilanesburg National Park where we would be staying for three days. As you’ll see, we were very lucky with our animal spotting, which included a very rarely-spotted leopard, the rest of the ‘Big Five’ (lion, elephant, buffalo & rhino) a kudu (spotted just outside of camp), a rhino calf and many others. At the end of our safari we drove to Sun City, an amusement park just outside of the park, where we spent the rest of the day before driving back to Pretoria. (Water park!!)

Week Three – Cape Town, De Hoop and Hermanus

We took a flight from Joburg to Cape Town where we stayed at an AirBnB house with a great view of the ocean. We spent most of the first day walking around the V&A Waterfront and finding things to do. We eventually went to many attractions such as the Table Mountain Cableway, Robben Island, the Two Oceans Aquarium and many more. We spent a day of our trip driving to the Cape Point, known as the most south-eastern point in Africa. On the way back to the city, we drove on Chapman’s Peak Drive which can be recognized as the road used in many car commercials. (It’s a road that’s built in to the mountainside. Amazing.) We also saw one of the only penguin colonies left in South Africa, Boulders Beach.

After our stay in Cape Town, we drove to the De Hoop Nature Reserve and, once again, we were very lucky with our spotting. We saw an eland, baby ostriches and mountain zebras and baboons hung out on the roof of our house at night. De Hoop is mostly known as a whale reserve and there was no shortage of them as we were there during mating season when they get very close to shore.

At the end of our two-day stay in De Hoop we drove to the sea town of Hermanus where we saw whales as close as 50 meters away.

After three days in Hermanus we drove back to Cape Town and flew back to Pretoria, where we stayed for one day and after that we sadly flew back to Israel. 😦

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

– By Daniel

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