School’s Out for … Spring*!!

Phew! DONE! My two eight-week summer courses (biochemistry and physiology) are complete!! It was a pretty exhausting period because, as I discovered with a rude awakening, I am no longer 20. I’m not even 22. They started off with a bang after missing a day (due to our Mauritus trip): I sat down to read the syllabi for these courses (as they weren’t available before we left) and mapped out the semester, quickly realizing that I would be studying every day, all day. So, I would have to work hard to get back into ‘school mode,’ and that I did. I would wake up around when Jon woke up for work, have breakfast, study, have lunch, study, have dinner, study & then go to bed. 7 days a week. Now, I was able to enjoy a little television with my meals, which is what kept me sane, I think. (Also, a daily tea break in the afternoon, coupled with a Twitter deep dive on what I’d missed. And let me tell you – with the way Washington has been this year, it was always a lot. That undid the sanity-rebuilding that catching up on “The Good Fight” provided but I think it was still a net positive. Please direct all verification questions to Jon Crisp. Or, better yet, Jack Crisp…)

Also, I discovered that not having had a smart phone in undergrad (and barely using the simple cell phone I did have at the time) was a way different school experience than what it’s like now. I literally had to put my phone on the other side of the room or in another room to avoid the temptation to look at it when a professor went on a mindless tangent or a clicker question** was being conducted. Not because I look at my phone all day but because it’s so easy to just scan it, send a quick text, see what crazy nonsense DJT just tweeted, etc. (Also, since my phone is my main way to keep in touch with people in the U.S., I worried I’d feel isolated not having it.) But, alas, Twitter managed to survive, friendships remained intact and the “This is Us” episodes I had stored on my DVR were saved. (Mostly because I asked Jon to delete the “Shark Tank: South Africa” episodes that we were never going to watch…) I also discovered that my organizational skills haven’t waned and that is an important skill to have when taking classes in the summer (which I’d never done), since it’s a condensed semester.

An example of a scary, anal-retentive post-it that I’d write, listing what I needed to get done that week… (Sometimes, there were even ones for individual days… I know, I know, this is wasteful! I’ve tried for years to break my reliance on post-its and little has helped. I have a problem!)

Now I’ll just await my scores, hoping they’re enough to be competitive so these courses will count as some of my pre-requisites for PA school. I’ll also prep for the next class I can take (microbiology) in January 2017. (I’ll be able to buy the textbook in the U.S., which will be much easier than the experience*** I had for these classes…) Special thanks to Jon for all of his support. He did the bulk of house stuff, errands, etc. and I appreciate it so much.

Finally, to keep the fun going, GRE studying starts next week – can’t wait! [eye roll]

– By Naama

*Southern hemisphere, y’all!

**One of my courses had clicker questions during the recorded lectures where the professor would ask something and those in the in-person section would be able to answer, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”-style. The problem with this was it was super boring while it was going on, sometimes with multiple re-votes so that more people could actually get the right answer and score points. Class: clickers. Me: New York Times/Twitter/WhatsApp.

***I won’t go into all of the shenanigans but, basically, buying a book here is dumb. Multiple calls, e-mails and a store visit later, I rented the Kindle version of the textbook from Amazon and called it a day.

6 thoughts on “School’s Out for … Spring*!!

  1. Fantastic – loved reading your post and went back and read all about your Cape Town visit and loved going through the pics you took in CT and winelands! Hope you guys are both doing well. Good luck with the next round of studies! Love, M



    1. Thank you, Michele! We appreciate it! And the Cape was so beautiful… We didn’t want to leave! We go again in October with my family and we can’t wait! Hope you’re well, as well! Love, Naama (& Jon)


  2. Congratulations on your first two courses! Although you are not 20 or 22, you still kicked butt and handled the challenge. So proud of you. 🙂

    Enjoy the school break with Jon and good luck studying for the GRE!!!!

    🤗 HUGS 🤗


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