6 Months In!

I’ve been in South Africa for six months today and it’s pretty wild. So much has happened already and yet time seems to stand still sometimes, too. We’ve gotten to travel a lot, have been to multiple countries and have met some really interesting people.

Looking forward to the next six months and what they will bring! Here are a few things that have already been scheduled that I’m excited about:

  • A trip to Swaziland to the Bushfire Music Festival with friends
  • A trip to Mauritius for my birthday
  • A visit from Tim and Maty, from the U.S.
  • A visit from Kate & Alyson, from the U.S., which will include my first trip to Kruger!
  • A visit from my brother, Nachshon, and his family, Alona, Edan, Daniel & Maya, from Israel
  • A visit from my mom, from the U.S.

I’m currently in Malawi and I’ll write about this eventful experience soon! Thanks for following along with us!

– By Naama

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