Our Visit to the Local American Diner (USA! USA! USA!)

An American (Diner) in Parisretoria

Naama and I had the pleasure of visiting the local American pub/diner in Pretoria last weekend, Mustang Sally’s. It’s always great to get a glimpse into how other places view America and if Mustang Sally’s is any indication South Africans think we are awesome – some combination of party animals, cool and classic 50’s icons, and glutinous! Sounds about right to me.

Check out these photos! It’s like Captain America and the Statue of Liberty gave birth to a bald eagle, which promptly crapped all over the place.

As intrigued as I was by the double-pattied ‘Elvis the King beefer’ I went with the 500g ribs and fries. (Use of the metric system? Strike one.) Naama got the corndogs and sliders combo. The alcohol selection reminded me of what you might find on Bourbon Street, but sadly was sorely missing Budweiser or Miller Lite. Offering 2 liter flagons of equally mediocre South African beers makes up for that in my book though. (Except for that metric thing again. Come on!) The food itself was ok, but what made up for anything lacking there was the over the top milkshakes, which looked like they were birthed from a cow high on LSD. Naama’s was strawberry with cotton candy on top while mine was vanilla with chunks of flambéed marshmallow. Those are donuts in the middle.

The other major plus was the owners, a lovely Afrikaner couple who seemed thrilled to have two live Americans in their midst. We told them everything was lovely, but the only thing missing was an eating contest if they really wanted to truly capture the spirit of America. Enticing their customers to consume one of those milkshakes but only five times larger or perhaps a 2L beer and 1kg burger in 20 minutes or less for a t-shirt wouldn’t just bring in more business (especially in a college town), but it would demonstrate they truly understood our culture. They loved the idea!

The meal was capped off with another visit from the owner, who toasted Naama and I with free ‘Mexican Asshole’ shots of tequila topped with tobasco. Naama almost puked in the parking lot, and not just because of the casual racism.

We will be back!

– By Jon

6 thoughts on “Our Visit to the Local American Diner (USA! USA! USA!)

  1. Well Jon, it looks like a pretty close, although larger version of Sara’s on Presque Isle. Right? With the exception of thise crazy shakes, of course. Those were a tad over the top. Sounds like your culinary experience was just missing an orange sherbert and vanilla soft serve twist…. yum. Lusting for the summer season right now! Come on Memorial Day….!!!

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    1. Sara’s is an amazing place, but less, um, contrived that Mustang Sally’s. Glad to hear it’s still around! Is Waldemeer still kicking also? Speaking of a little slice of Americana…


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