Neighborgoods Market – What a Place!

Jon and I were invited to an awesome market in Johannesburg a few weeks ago and had a great time! It’s a parking lot that they convert into this multi-use space on Saturdays and was a cornucopia of food, drinks, crafts and music. We got up there and explored all of the booths, first, trying to decide what to eat. There was every kind of food available plus food to buy to take home, like artisanal cheeses, dried meats and homemade sauces. There was even a ‘create-your-own’ gin bar that had different flavored gins, mixers and toppings like cucumbers, raspberries and mint. YUM.


We settled on sushi, dim sum, bunny chow (a delicious curry dish), bubble tea, gin, beignets with different sauces & champagne. It was an amazing feast! On the second level of the market they had artists selling their crafts and live music. (And a bar, of course.) We drank champagne and enjoyed with our friends. This is DEFINITELY on the list for visitors!

(An interesting part of the experience happened when we parked our car, when we first arrived. People try to usher you to the parking spot that they found, so they can ‘watch your car’ for you. We had multiple people running down the street before us, begging us to follow them to ‘their’ spot. Hustlers, man…)

– By Naama

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