We Have Furniture! Yahoo!

Our patio ‘furniture’…

Jon and I spent two days looking for furniture. (Not bad, right?) We were in a strange position of wanting to buy something that is nice but also affordable but also resell-able. Knowing what we’re buying is temporary (relatively) is odd. (Not to mention that we weren’t in a position to spend much because we’ve had a lot of sunk costs for the move.) So we went to the mall across the street – yep, much to Jon’s chagrin, there’s a very convenient and practical mall one block from us – and started looking. There’s this nice outdoor area – think a more compact ‘Streets’ part of the Streets of Southpoint Mall in Durham – that has more furniture stores than seems reasonable. We took a look through and the stores were either too expensive or too cheap. (I guess too cheap isn’t always a bad thing but we wanted things to last the whole time we’re here, too.)



We ventured further out and went to a few warehouses and a few vintage stores. Nothing. So we saw the mall in Menlyn Park, closeby, and went in there. (Lots of malls here, I’m discovering.) We found a store called @Home and saw that they were having a sale and the prices were really reasonable! Score! We found the sweet and stylish Eugene and took over this poor man’s afternoon because we were tired of looking and decided we would just buy it all from there. Bada bing bada boom. We noted multiple couches, dining tables, chairs, end tables, etc. and spent the next two hours configuring them in our place and doing the math on different combinations. Once we solidified our choices, and Jon had an espresso, we checked out. Now, this wasn’t as complicated as our TV-buying experience, but it felt like the buying part took as long as the shopping part. Lots of sitting around, waiting, talking to the warehouse people, going back-and-forth across the store to talk to the two people that were helping us (because they couldn’t just use two computers next to each other), etc. But, phew. We were outta there and Jon popped an antacid.


The most shocking part of this whole process?? The furniture arrived *four* days later. I jack-and-scout-chairwas floored. We got everything set up and that was a big boost to our life here, as simplistic as it feels to say that. Having something to sit on was such a pleasure. (Plus, the cats were in heaven with all of the lounging options. And as an added benefit, the likelihood of me having a heart attack has been cut in half because I had been living in constant fear that the cats were going to get too close to the edge of the patios and fall off, every time they sat outside.) In addition, now Jon has somewhere else to sleep when he bugs me. (I kid, I kid! But, really, don’t test me, Crisp!) 🙂

Next up on our docket? Outlining what things cost here vs. in the U.S., including things that surprised us and things that delighted us. Stay tuned…

– By Naama

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