South Africa, Here I Come!

(Buckle up: this one is lengthy. Do you have popcorn? Something loaded into the dryer while you’re reading? Great.)

Today is the day – super crazy that it’s already here… In case you’re wondering what that picture linked to this post is: it’s a parfait. From TCBY. One of the many things I’ll miss… (And that was a particularly good one, damn. I amaze myself sometimes.) But, I’m so excited to see Jon and make this step. I’m a bundle of nerves but I don’t really know what to expect so that’s helping me prepare, mentally. I think. So, what have I done to get to this point? Read on, gentle viewers. (Buffy fans? Anyone?)

Our living room, post-storage pick-up but before the furniture was donated… Jack and Scout are like a game of Survive! – their safe land is quickly dwindling…

After the storage pick-up, I had a few big projects to tackle: setting up the cats’ travel to South Africa, fixing a few things around our condo (not myself, don’t worry; my brother, Nachshon, has seen what happens when I try to use a power drill), selling furniture, donating furniture and storing things with friends. Setting up the cats’ travel was the single biggest source of stress I had with the move. There are a ton of options but none of them are easy and they’re all expensive. When I was supposed to fly to Malawi with Jon, we were each going to take a pet with us on the plane and that was it. Bada bing bada boom. The NEW plan was to drive the cats to Atlanta – and be there by 3:00 pm, mind you – for their flight to South Africa via Amsterdam. (Let’s just all say what we’re thinking – they better bring us some stuff.) I was really relieved to set it up but was not excited about the journey they’d have to take. Blech. Re: the repairs, I got recommendations and coordinated the things that needed to be done. The windows are now fixed, which was the highlight. It was a lot but I made some good contacts! After the furniture sale I decided that I hate craigslist. Hate. People are super wishy-washy and I spent so much of a weekend just e-mailing with a bunch of jokers that didn’t give a shit about actually buying my couch. (At least not in a timely manner.) The stuff that didn’t get picked up by my deadline was picked up by TROSA and donated. Bye!

Damn! Sorry, Jack & Scout!

Finally, trying to guess how much toilet paper one would need and what’s appropriate to go ahead and hand off to friends and neighbors for their use was not easy. Note to self: don’t give away too much, too fast because you will be using tissues. Oops. Luckily, the day I left, my mom was really helpful and took me to the rental car place and returned our cable/internet equipment. Very grateful for that. I also had a lot of help from my friend, Heather, who picked up/moved last-minute stuff for me and helped tidy things up. (Not to mention, Katie and Hillary, helping me move things I’m storing and helping me clear out things from the condo. Phew.)


Bye ‘rolla! (I didn’t name it, oops!)

So, all of this stuff got completed. Somehow*. I found myself not sleeping much and the grid I’d made of appointments and things to keep track of got crumpled up and tossed away as soon as I got to Atlanta. Adios! And in-between the aforementioned tasks, I saw friends, visited family, tried to eat at as many of my favorite places as possible and attempted to shrink my DVR down some. (Which, was totally fruitless because I won’t finish a single season of anything this – nor next – year. I know, my life is horrible.) And now I’m preparing to fly 17 hours, across the Atlantic, to the Southern Hemisphere. (The Southern Hemisphere, y’all – it’s summer there! Just my luck – summer x2!) I’m a little scared, somewhat overwhelmed, preemptively lonely and very excited. Lots of emotions for my little head. But, after this crazy journey, Jon will be there to pick me up and Jack and Scout will arrive safely, albeit probably stoned. And we’ll be driving to our awesome apartment – on the LEFT side of the road – in South Africa. That’s just wild.


See you soon, Jon, Jack & Scout!!

– By Naama

*I just want to give a special shout-out to all of the people that have helped me, offered to help, made time to see me, sent texts, etc. I really value my friendships and one concern I had about this move was being even farther from those friends. I wondered, will I still hear about things that are going on back home? Will I still get to talk to people, regularly? These are fears that Jon gently suggested for me to ignore – that it’ll be just fine! (So, sorry to anyone who got a silly text from me – little bouts of insecurities came through throughout this process, unsurprisingly.) I really appreciate all of the support. So you’ve all got a surprise from Amazon coming your way! (Just kidding – Jon would be very upset…)

Scout is ready!!

5 thoughts on “South Africa, Here I Come!

  1. You got this! You’ll get new TV shows to get sucked into too! I did research. You should watch Uzalo – apparently very popular there. Can’t wait to hear your new South African accent (especially Jack and Scout’s)


    1. Thanks, Kate! That sounds like a wonderful program! And, miraculously – Gilmore Girls is showing here! I think my calls to Netflix worked. 🙂 My accent is getting really nice. It’s like Madonna and a British accent. (Jack’s? So-so.) 🙂


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