International Shipment? ✔️

Jon and I just shipped a quarter of our lives. Eeek!!

Navigating through various piles of crap…

We’ve been furiously packing for months (before France & in the few days since we got back) for this day. (And let’s be real, Jon did 80% of it. At least.) Jon was trying to push me to be very thoughtful with what I packed because we wouldn’t have much space. That’s like asking me to pick my favorite cat! (Jack…) It’s been very interesting because we have our whole place divided into four categories:

  1. Shipment
  2. Storage
  3. Donation
  4. To wear/use for the next few weeks and then take in a suitcase on the plane


The process begins…

Category four has been the most tricky to wrap my mind around because if it didn’t fit in my suitcase, it would be staying. So, naturally, I wanted things to fit into category one! But, Jon was sure we wouldn’t have room. I tried to be conservative. I decided not to take my Le Creuset honey pot. (I KNOW.) I didn’t take all of my DVD’s. (I REALLY KNOW.) And then, this morning, the shippers came. They catalogued everything, removed a rogue candle and dry hair shampoo that smuggled their way into the boxes, and… WE HAD ROOM! We threw in the suitcase I’d packed in advance, just in case (shoutout to Hillary Z.* for the brilliant idea!), my “Hamilton” songbook I’d resigned to a life in storage for two to three years, etc. The honey pot even made it in! [Has there ever been a collective sigh heard round the world? Because I think that just happened.] And with room to spare, even! I think it shows a lot of self-restraint that I didn’t try to finagle more in. (Or, even more so, that Jon didn’t pack it full with more board games.)


Now, it’s on to categories two through four. And Jon leaves on Monday and starts to work for Baylor tomorrow. Wish us luck!

– By Naama

p.s. PLEASE VOTE!! Shit’s getting scary, y’all…

*Thanks to Hillary & Joey (& Benjamin, really) for coming to help us pack. Your attention to detail, ability to make us laugh and the deviled eggs from Parker & Otis were so wonderful and helpful. We really, really appreciate it.

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