Jack & Scout Have Some Big News

Jack and Scout have an important announcement: they are moving! And they’re taking us with them!!

We’re all moving to Africa in early October as Jon has been hired to be the Deputy Director to help run a new regional program focused on women and children HIV prevention and care. Funded by USAID, it will enable Baylor to provide technical and operational expertise to partners in 10 countries across Southern Africa! If you’d like to read more about the program you can do so here or here.

The original plan was to be in Malawi for six months and then from there, once Jon sets up Baylor’s presence, to be in South Africa. But the new plan is for us to go right to South Africa.

We’re super excited! We’re going to be stupid busy over the next two months but we’ll be documenting things in this blog to highlight our adventures. Can’t wait!

– By Jon & Naama

Packed and ready to go. Almost.

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